Hairy Dad


This crawdad pattern is legit and might become my new favorite Smallmouth fly, so I have decided to offer it now on my site. The claws are made from Kiley's exo skin. The body has tons of movement, it also has a slight sheen to it, along with rubber legs and a subtle amount of flash for added attraction. The fly gets down into the water column fairly quick as well. When stripped, it mimics a fleeing Crawdad amazingly well! The hook is a #2 Gamakatsu 4xl streamer hook, or a Partridge Heritage Streamer 5 X hook, along with Medium dumbbell eyes, the fly is roughly 2 3/4" long. I'm also offering a 2/0- 90 degree jig hook as an option as well, tied on an Allen jig hook. Anything that eats Crustaceans will eat this fly, especially Smallmouth, Largemouth, Large Carp, plus fresh and Saltwater drum. The first time we tested this fly, we landed ten Smallmouth in 42 degree water temps, now that is saying something. You can substitute a sculpin head (as seen in photo) for dumbbell eyes on any color, just leave a note at checkout.