The Scul-Dad mimics both a Sculpin and a Crawdad, hence the name, excellent Gobie imitation for the Great Lakes too. Similar to the deadly tube jig that the gear guys throw. Tied on a #2 4xl streamer hook or 90 degree 1/0 jig hook, along with a small fish skull helmet or tungsten head. The fly is roughly 4 inches long, the jig hook version is a tad shorter, it's best to throw it with a 6 weight and above. The tail flutters non-stop and the body has plenty of movement with a subtle amount of flash added in as well. Fish skull helmets are a little heavier than dumbbell eyes, so this fly gets down to the fish quicker, the resin eyes help this fly get noticed quickly! The fire tiger color option (photo above) has a synthetic rabbit zonker body with a jig hook and XS tungsten head, one of my favorites! Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass hammer this fly, many other species can't leave it alone either like big Cats, white bass love the all white color. A great Carp and Smallmouth fly for the Great Lakes too, it can mimic both a Gobie and crawdad pretty well. Add a few of these to your fly box, you won't be disappointed. Please note * Sculpin heads can be substituted with Baitfish heads or extra small tungsten heads on any color, also any color combination can be tied with a 1/0 jig hook instead of a J hook, just leave me a note upon checkout.