Techno Bunny Craw


This is one of the buggiest and most realistic crawdad patterns in my lineup. The body is made of faux rabbit zonker, which breathes in the water like regular rabbit zonker material without the added weight, and it gets down in the water column quicker than regular rabbit would. The claw is made from exo skin a thin rubber type material, that adds great action, mottled coloring, and long lasting durability. My favorite color has been the Frogskin colored claw mottled olive & brown on the top claw and yellow on the underside of the claw, tied on a 1/0 jig hook. Tied on either a #2 5xl Gama streamer hook or choose a 1/0 90 degree Partridge jig hook for some jiggy action,which is my favorite. Any fish that eats crustaceans will hammer this one.