About Me

I've been fly fishing for Carp since the mid 90's, back when it wasn't accepted as a cool thing to do! Fast forward to the 2000's. I am a licensed Indiana fly fishing guide, a fly designer, as well as a shop associate at Moving Water Outfitters in Zionsville, Indiana. I love to target Carp, Gar, drum and Smallmouth Bass. My real passion is saltwater fishing which I get to do a couple times a year.  I guide wading and drift boat trips in Central Indiana, specifically Sugar Creek, Eagle Creek and Tippecanoe River. I design custom flies designed to catch fish and not fishermen.I thoroughly test and fish all of the flies on my site, so they have been proven successful many times over in the field.  I'm a Fly Skinz Ambassador and a Partridge of Redditch Pro Team member. Thanks for visiting my site and Tight Lines!