Current Fishing Report May 2018

The White bass started their annual spawning run on Eagle creek in April and fishing has been pretty strong, white and chartreuse baitfish patterns have taken several fish. We've had a huge warmup in May and the Smallmouth are starting to feed big time, and I'm already seeing beds, can't believe the spawn is starting already. They are hammering my Matlacha Minnow pattern, especially the bright green. They are also hitting topwater poppers and wiggle minnows. The fishing is hot right now, but after the Smallies spawn they normally come off the feed for about a week or so. Carp are also in pre and post spawn mode, the tailing carp have been eating my Carp Conch fly pretty well. Freshwater drum fishing has been pretty hot too, they are eating minnow patterns as well as my Carp Conch fly !

Tight Lines,

Carp Stalker