Carp Duster


Throw the Carp Duster at laid up and mudding Carp to give them a new look. This is an extremely versatile fly, and should be renamed the Swiss Army Knife fly! Bass, Bluegill, Buffalo Carp, Catfish, Gar, white bass, crappie and Trout all inhale this fly. Note, the Pink and Yellow color is probably the most effective fly I've ever thrown to White Bass! Tied on a #6 and #4 Ahrex 60 degree mini jig hook so the hook rides hook point up to avoid snagging the bottom. Tied with X-small double pupil dumbbell eyes. This fly gets down fairly quickly and the chenille tail is extremely lifelike in the water. I can substitute Medium Bead Chain eyes, or x-small brass dumbbell eyes for a stealthier approach if preferred, just leave me a note at checkout to request a certain eye type. This fly can imitate among others, Crane fly Larva, Caddis Nymphs, Leeches, Stoneflies, Dragon fly nymphs and damsel nymphs.