Crawdad Pinchers


After many requests and comments on what a pain it is to cut out crawdad pinchers, I am now offering packaged Crawdad pinchers, so now you can make your own crawdad patterns in less time. I have removed the time consuming headache of cutting out your own claws, the claws are 1.75" long. These claws are made from Kiley's exo skin, a thin rubbery, stretchy, wiggly, textured Ultra tough natural looking material that makes for a great crawdad pincher! This material is virtually indestructible, has movement, and has great mottled coloring that adds to their attraction. Simply poke a small hole just below the V of the claw, invert your hook point up on the vise, then run your hook point through the hole and bind down the stem near the inside bend on the shank of the hook, very simple application. This size claw will work well on #2 through 2/0 hook sizes, each package contains 6 claws, for making 6 separate flies. I'm offering several different color combinations, but will be adding more in the near future, my favorite color is the Frog Skin color, happy tying ! Please note, package includes claws only, actual flies not included.