Carp Stalker Wrist Wrap Includes Free Shipping

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Hand made in the USA, this 40 inch adjustable bracelet is crafted of USA 550 paracord. I'm now offering a 40 inch Round braided leather bracelet (My favorite) and a soft deer skin leather bracelet as well. Your choice of either a 1.5 inch silver alloy or Gunmetal Black non-lead fish hook is attached to one end with an adjustable sliding knot on both ends, allowing you to size it to fit any wrist size. Looks great wearing around town and especially on the water. Also looks good worn as an anklet. They will not fade or rot even when exposed to sun and water on a daily basis. Please Note, that all Wrist Wraps come with free shipping what's not to like about that! Plus you never know, the Paracord could actually save your life someday! P.S. my favorite is the round braided leather in the second photo, I wear it everyday and never take it off !

How to Wear:
Wrap the cord around your wrist until the hook meets the loop. Make adjustments to the sliding knots to fit your wrist or ankle size. These bracelets wrap around an average adult size wrist approximately 3 to 4 times depending on your wrist size.