Corya’s Carpin’ Bug


Give the Carp something different to look at! This fly works extremely well year round, it's quickly becoming one of my favorite Carp flies to throw, especially to very passive fish, works well in cold water too. Carp are attracted to It in my opinion because it mimics a worm, a bug, and possibly even plant matter. I've been targeting carp on fly since the mid 90's and I've learned they love the color Pink. A must have for every Carp fly box. Tied with x-small double pupil dumbbell eyes, on a wide gap, curved shank #6 hook so it stands upright on the bottom for a low snag rate. The nymph skin near the tail section helps to extend the tail and make a more realistic presentation. This fly gets down to the fish fairly quickly with a low spook rate, the tail wiggles slightly on the descent. Note the sculpin body color option is brown and olive. Medium Bead chain eyes or x-small brass eyes can be substituted upon request for a stealthier approach, just leave a note upon checkout to request. Bass and bluegill eat this fly too!