Kraft's Clawdad


The Clawdad is no gimmick, in my opinion it's the only Crawfish pattern you'll ever need to own. It is my go to fly quite often on my guide trips for Smallmouth, Largemouth, drum, even grass carp. A very good fly for Carp, drum and Smallies on the Great Lakes, plus Redfish, Rainbow and Brown Trout eat this fly too! It is an outstanding fly from Summer through Winter, any fish that eats Crustaceans will eat this fly with aggression, including saltwater fish. The claws are made of an ultra suede type material and is nearly indestructible. The black and blue color size #2 is the workhorse, and takes most of my fish. I recently started experimenting adding the stick on eyes to the claws as per the photo, but these EYES ARE OPTIONAL UPON REQUEST on the size #2 only, otherwise all Clawdad flies will come without the eyes on the claws. The claws on the #4 are 1.5" and 1.75" on the #2. The #2 comes with large brass gunmetal black dumbbell eyes, the #4 comes with medium eyes, both are tied on extremely sharp Gamakatsu S11 black streamer hooks, the #2 size being the most popular size. You won't be disappointed with the results trust me. All fly orders receive a free Carp Diem decal.