Exo Skin Kraft's Clawdad


This is probably my favorite fly when I really need to land a Smallmouth, and is my version of the Kraft's Clawdad. This fly has produced amazing results for me and my clients. It's the Fly Fishing version of the Pig & Jig used by the conventional guys. I really like the metallic colored claws, they give off a slight reflection and show up very well in darker or stained water, the black and blue non-metallic claw is one of my favorites as well. Many times, this fly will be my go to fly for Smallmouth, Largemouth, drum, even carp on my guide trips. A very good fly for Carp, drum and Smallies on the Great Lakes as well, plus Bull Redfish in the Louisiana marsh have eaten this fly too, and I have the Saltwater version available! It is an outstanding fly early Spring and from Summer through Winter, any fish that eats Crustaceans will eat this fly with aggression, including saltwater fish. The claws are made from Kiley's Exo Skin a thin rubber type material and is literally indestructible. The claws are 1.75" long, and the fly comes with brass gunmetal black dumbbell eyes, and are tied on extremely sharp Gamakatsu S11 black streamer hooks. You won't be disappointed with the results trust me! All fly orders receive a free Carp Diem decal.