Carp Conch


Fishing reports continually come in to me from all across the country, and the Carp Conch has been wreaking havoc on Carp! Even the New Orleans Canal Carp eat this fly too! This fly has a few important features. It mimics a mollusk with its' siphon extended, a worm, and even a plant or berry falling from a tree. It has at least one bright color so Carp and the fisherman can see it which is very important when sight casting! It lands fairly softly for tailing and spooky fish, and most of the Carp that I hunt are very skittish, plus here's a little secret, Carp love Pink and see it very well. Tied with x-small double pupil dumbbell eyes, except option #1 & #2 which have medium White Shell bead chain eyes, please note bead chain eyes can be tied on any color combination just send me a note upon checkout. The hook is a #6 wide gap curved shank hook, causing the fly to stand upright when it hits the bottom. It gets down to feeding fish surprisingly quickly too. Let's face it, Carp are just plain lazy and don't want to chase or move very far for their food, this fly drops right onto their dinner plate with tail standing straight up. Gar and drum will chase this fly down too!