Carp Conch


This fly is sort of my secret weapon fly, extremely productive on Carp, Drum and even Gar. This fly has a few important features that a Carp fly needs to have to be effective. It mimics a mollusk, a worm, and even a plant or berry falling from a tree. It has at least one bright color so Carp can see it well, and lands softly for tailing and spooky fish, and most of the Carp that I hunt are very skittish, plus here's a little secret, Carp love Pink and see it very well. It's tied with medium bead chain eyes on a #6 MFC wide gap curved hook, this fly stands straight up when it hits the bottom, and it gets down to feeding fish surprising quickly too. Let's face it, Carp are just plain lazy and don't want to chase or move very far for their food, this fly drops right onto their dinner plate with tail standing straight up. Gar and drum will chase this fly down with short quick strips! The all Chartreuse color is mainly for Grass carp, and has plastic green dumbbell eyes. I can sub out plastic dumbbell eyes for regular dumbbell eyes upon request, the all chartreuse color comes with plastic dumbbells unless otherwise requested. All fly orders receive a free Carp Diem decal.