Guided Fly Fishing Trips


Guided Fly Fishing trips on Sugar Creek, Tippecanoe River and Eagle Creek, located in Central Indiana. You will fish out of a 16 foot drift boat, the full day rate is $350.00 with lunch and drinks provided. Trips will be a Minimum of 8 hours or longer depending on weather and how the fish are biting. Half day guided trips are $250 with a minimum of 4 hours with drinks only provided. Rate is the same for 1 or 2 anglers. A $75.00 deposit is required to secure a date.
Catch and release only please for Smallmouth on Sugar and the Tippecanoe River. Rod and reels are provided but feel free to bring your own rig. 6 & 7 weights are preferred with floating line and 9 foot leaders, 8 weights are possible on the much larger Tippecanoe River. Depending on the fishing and flows, sink or an intermediate line might be needed. I will also provide flies, but feel free to bring your own flies, I know how fun it is to catch fish on a fly you tied yourself !

Sugar Creek is the gem of the Wabash River system. If there was a river meant for fly fishing it is Sugar Creek. Big enough to float several months out of the year with a drift boat and small enough to wade the almost 90 miles of Smallmouth water. Smallmouth are by far the most predominate species, and 20 inch Smallmouth are not uncommon, however most fish are in the 14 to 16 inch range.

It is a 12 month fishery but I guide it from April to the end of October. The various ways to fish Smallmouth on Sugar Creek makes it one of the best fly fishing experiences possible. Sugar is very clear and because of this lends itself to very good surface fishing most of the year. Spring and summer offers terrific popper fishing and when the water gets low from July-October the terrestrial fishing is OUTSTANDING!!! You can even sight fish to large Smallmouth in low water. There is nothing better than watching a large Smallmouth ease up to a hopper or beetle and slurp it in slowly.

The Tippecanoe River, according to the Nature Conservancy is the 6th most biologically diverse river in North America. The numbers of game species is staggering. Smallmouth Bass are the predominate species we pursue but there are certainly plenty of other species such as grass carp, gar, drum, Buffalo, walleye, pike, Musky, white bass and wipers to keep things interesting. The Tippy is 182 miles long and is fed by 88 natural lakes in the northern part of Indiana. I mainly guide the lower section below Oakdale Dam to the Wabash River. This lower section is primarily a Smallmouth fishery along with the aforementioned species.

The lower sections are best fished from July through the Fall. The Tippy has two empounded lakes, Schafer and Freeman, with a dam that controls flow in the lower part. With high water in the Spring and early Summer, we typically wait until flows get more consistent in July. The Tippy gives the angler the opportunity at a truly trophy Smallmouth Bass. Our largest Smallmouth landed is 6lbs 14 ozs. It also gives the anglers the opportunity to have a legit shot at other large species.

Eagle Creek, every Spring from roughly March to May the White Bass make their annual spawning run up Eagle Creek, if you find them, you can hook up almost every cast. I can put you on some nice holes for non-stop White Bass action on fly. This is a wade trip for roughly 4 hours. Great trip for kids to hook up on fly as well due to the non-stop action and short casts involved. This is also a good creek to sight cast for Carp on the Fly during certain times of the year, if you are interested in this, just shoot me a message in my contact page.

What should you bring?
Your own rod and reel if preferred
A valid Indiana fishing license (a trout stamp is not required for the waters we’ll be fishing) Purchase on-line
Polarized sunglasses
Rain gear (weather dependent)
Seasonal appropriate clothing
Waders if you will be wading, in the Summer we can wet wade most of the time