Carp Stalker's Mulberry Fly


When Mulberries start falling from the trees into our waterways, Carp put their guard down and feast on their favorite food - Mulberries! Hands down, the easiest way to catch a carp on the fly is by throwing mulberry flies to them while they are gorging themselves under a mulberry tree, trust me they love Mulberries ! If you know of any mulberry trees that hang over a creek or river bank, carp will be there to feed on the falling berries, this occurs every year normally in late May or early June for Indiana. Toss these flies and you will hook up! These flies hit the water softly and slowly sink just like a ripe mulberry would, they are sure to fool any feeding carp under a mulberry tree without spooking them, I've even added a green tail to mimic a green stem . Even Grass Carp can be fooled with this fly!