Sparkle-Tail Carpin' Bug


Same as Corya's Carpin' bug, but the braided tail is flashier and has a dual color depth to it, and it's slightly heavier than Corya's Carpin' bug due to the braided tail material. A great choice for mudding Carp, and for off color or stained water, as well as deeper water. The carp will see the sparkling tail very well and the longer rubber legs give this fly enticing movement. Tied on a #6 wide gap curved shank hook, with x-small dumbbell eyes, so the fly stands upright on the bottom for a realistic presentation, this fly gets down pretty quickly too. A perfect fly to do the drag and drop method. Medium Bead chain eyes or x-small brass eyes can be substituted upon request for less weight, just leave me a note upon checkout. Bass and Bluegill love this fly too!