Crabby Daddy

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The Crabby Daddy has amazing movement. I really love the undulating movement in the Zonker body and beard and the metallic colors in the exo skin claw gives off a slight reflection and shows up very well in darker and stained water. The body is dubbed with a few small rubber legs and flash thrown in for good measure. This will surely become a go to fly for Redfish and Black Drum or for any fish that eats crustaceans. Smallmouth will eat this fly without hesitation, as well as drum and Carp especially the bigger girls on the Great Lakes, sharks in the Florida Keys have been known to eat this fly too. The claws are made from Kiley's Exo Skin a thin rubber type material and is literally indestructible. The claws are 1.75" long, and the fly comes with large dumbbell eyes, and is tied on an extremely sharp Gamakatsu #2 S11 black salt ready streamer hook. Can possibly be tied on different hooks by request.